GEMSTM Economic Analysis

Governments and regulators worldwide are focused on the management of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The established impact on the Earth’s climate from greenhouse gasses has been the driving force in global environmental policy for at least three decades (Kyoto Protocol, 1992). There is a litany of paths to net zero emissions, none of them simple or cheap. In this publication we will review one potential method of GHG emission prevention, Geologic Environmental Mineral Sequestration (“GEMSTM” or “geologically sequestered fossil fuels”), developed by Dallas-based Bad Carbon, LLC. 

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Bad Carbon, LLC 

Bad Carbon, LLC is a Dallas-based team from the climate and oil/minerals world with a desire to create a new solution to offset and monetize GHG production in pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.

To incentivize reduction in carbon cycle emissions, Bad Carbon has developed proprietary "keep it in the ground" credits known as GEMSTM, or Geologic Environmental Mineral Sequestration credits in cooperation with the team at Capturiant.

The focal strategy of this initiative is to stop the carbon emission cycle before it starts, focusing on both social and environmental costs as an anchor. 

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