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Clarify Complexity. Enhance Transparency. Facilitate Trust.

Clear Rating specializes in private company valuations, digital securities ratings, and ESG impact assessments. Our firm's mission is simple. Provide clarity to a complex world.

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Digital Asset Handbook


The Digital Asset Handbook

Clear Rating, its affiliates, and co-authors including leading financiers, attorneys, regulators, and investors came together to create “The Digital Asset Handbook – Clear Rating Practitioner’s Manual” in an effort to help all market participants navigate Web 3.0, smart contracts, and the overall digitization of capital markets.



Our services provide clients with effective and clear data to measure their performance

Digital Securities Ratings

We make it our mission to issue ratings on all digital securities in existence. We publish these ratings publicly and engage with issuers for more in depth coverage. Partnerships with alternative trading systems (ATSs) allow us to provide free ratings assessments to prospective investors on each platform as well.

Custom Valuation Reports

Valuation Snapshots, Reports, or Studies tailor made to each client's specifications. Whether it's meant for investor education, fundraising, individual investment or portfolio level analysis we have you covered. Reports are expansive or concise as desired and go far beyond simple valuation methods with Wall Street report style presentation.

ESG Ratings & Analytics

ESG ratings are perfect for presenting the sustainability and qualitative impact of an issuance, company, or project to investors and the general public. Our industry specific ESG ratings criteria allow us to evaluate each engagement with comparable metrics, standardized criteria, and easily presentable results.

Valuations, ratings, & analytics designed to be clear.

What is Clear Rating?

We're an advisory and analytics firm focused on providing standardized yet insightful valuations, securities ratings, ESG analytics, and other custom reports to clients to assist fundraising efforts, provide useful insights and address investor concerns. Clear Rating provides unmatched clarity in the face of complexity with values like transparency and trust guiding us in everything we do.

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Sean took an active interest in understanding our business and spent time hearing my thoughts about the range of factors and possible paths for our business. Apart from a compelling external valuation, Sean served as a helpful internal sounding board."

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