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Clear Rating provides specialized NFT valuations, diving into the complex and unique nature of these digital assets. As pioneers in the field, we have the distinct credit of valuing the first-ever NFT security by renowned artist Rolando Diaz. Our expertise extends to various forms of NFTs, from digital art and music to virtual real estate and more.

With the volatile and rapidly evolving NFT market, our team leverages an array of factors in the valuation process. We consider the rarity, provenance, market demand, comparable recent sales, and the reputation of the creator or platform. It's this comprehensive approach that allows us to provide accurate and dependable valuations for these unique digital assets.

We're not just about providing valuations; we're committed to educating our clients. That's why we offer a downloadable NFT Valuation Guide, enabling you to better understand the variables that contribute to an NFT's value. With Clear Rating, you get more than a service; you gain a partner equipped to navigate the exciting frontier of NFTs.

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Meet the Artist – Rolando Diaz

Critically acclaimed Cuban-American artist, Rolando Diaz, was commissioned with creating an original canvas painting to be minted into 9 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sold as an exclusive series of regulatory compliant securities LIVE at the Texas Blockchain Summit in Austin, Texas on October 8, 2021. The NFT series is titled "Buen Viaje" following along the theme of "Sailing to the Moon."

Rolando Diaz paintings

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