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Clear Rating operates in three main areas: Valuations, Digital Securities Ratings, and ESG Ratings & Analysis.

Our firm prides itself on its ability to communicate the complexities of these topics and address all of our client needs within the four corners of our reports.
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Clearly Communicated Expert Analysis

Our experts construct custom reports and issue ratings focused on valuations, digital securities, and ESG impacts enabling our clients to effectively communicate their value, address key risks, and evaluate opportunities in the market.

Providing a Clear Lens to View Valuations

Custom Valuations & Analytics

Custom valuation & analytics reports are available for almost any purpose including buy side opinions for investors and portfolio managers, or sell side analysis to establish or defend the pricing of securities being offered for investment. We will value any type of security or asset including equity, convertible notes, SAFEs, debt, tokenized assets, blockchain protocols, or other alternatives.


Digital Securities Ratings

Driving transparency and standardization amongst digital assets to foster trust, market efficiency, and comparability.
We do this through increasing market coverage, a standardized & comparable rating process, and supplying investors with tools for price discovery.

Digital Security report
Disclosure Rating table sampleDisclosure Rating Midstream

ComParable Criteria With A Robust EcosyStem

ESG Ratings & Analytics

Clear Rating ESG produces comprehensive ESG evaluations focused on standardization, verifiability, and objectivity. Our ESG ratings provide an independent perspective for companies, investors, and stakeholders alike to understand ESG impacts, risks, opportunities, and performance. We also provide all clients with unlimited access to our large network of industry partners including blockchain ecosystems, data validators, carbon credit traders & originators, along with multiple other synergistic relationships.

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