Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Clear Rating?

Clear Rating is a valuation and securities rating company. We focus primarily on company valuations, ESG ratings, and securities ratings founded on the principles of "Transparency, Truth, and Trust". We work to bring clarity to securities that are private or illiquid.

Who does Clear Rating serve?

Clear Rating primarily serves private securities issuers, professional service firms, investment funds, and alternative trading systems by providing objective and independent assessments. Other beneficiaries include Boards of Directors, regulators, and bankers.

What does Clear Rating help solve?

Clear Rating allows management teams to articulate the strengths of their company or project with concise descriptions and data-driven conclusions. Moreover, Clear Rating educates stakeholders, informs secondary markets, and provides seamless updates as businesses mature.

How does Clear Rating solve work?

Clear Rating functions through a simple and sophisticated digitized platform that allows clients to submit source documents, communicate directly with their analysis team, and request and receive updates to their valuation. On the back end, Clear Rating uses proprietary data analysis tools that harness artificial intelligence and big data to provide comprehensive, reliable, and intellectually honest assessments.

What makes Clear Rating a superior service?

Clear Rating is the market leader in providing thorough independent reports based on deep market knowledge and statistical evidence. Our technology infrastructure, experienced valuation team of CPAs and CFAs, and seamless operations process allow us to provide our services at a fraction of the time and cost of other valuation and rating providers.

Why should people use Clear Rating?

The current process of receiving company valuations and ratings is riddled with high costs and slow turnarounds. Clear Rating leverages its software and experienced analysis team to make this process more efficient. These cost and energy savings are then passed onto our customers. We have no doubt that our clients love the quality and timely service they receive. Our testimonials say it all.

Is Clear Rating registered as an NRSRO?

Since Clear Rating provides valuations and ratings of equity interests, not credit, we do not require certification from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO).

Does Clear Rating provide ongoing coverage subsequent to the initial report?

Absolutely. Our subscription service allows users the option to have their reports updated quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or on request at any other time in preparation for an upcoming material event.

What does the Clear Rating valuation process look like?

1. Client visits our website and completes the form on the Contact page
2. Client enters information about who they are and what services they desire
3. Client is matched with an analysis team in charge of its valuation
4. Client submits onboarding documents
5. Clear Rating analysis team completes the valuation
6. Client and Clear Rating discuss the findings and address any questions or concerns
7. As the client's business matures the Clear Rating database receives updates which the client can elect to use and enhance the accuracy its valuation

How can I get started?

There are three primary ways to kickoff the Clear Rating process:
1. Fill out the Contact page
2. Email us at
2. Call us at +1 (713) 823-2900