Private Company & Portfolio Valuations & Analytics

Custom valuation & analytics reports are available for almost any purpose including buy side opinions for investors and portfolio managers, or sell side analysis to establish or defend the pricing of securities being offered for investment. We will value any type of security or asset including equity, convertible notes, SAFEs, debt, tokenized assets, blockchain protocols, or other alternatives.

In-Depth Analysis on

  • Company or Holdings Overview

  • Detailed Industry Analysis

  • Competitive Positioning

  • Total Addressable Markets

  • Market Approach Valuations

  • Income Approach Valuations

  • Asset Approach Valuations

  • Fund Allocation Analysis

  • Management Assessments

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis

  • Other Engagement Specific Analysis

Custom Made

Each report is tailor made with each client's specific purpose in mind. Whether a report is meant to defend securities pricing for an offering, determine a quick value, or investigate the fair market value of a venture capital portfolio, our reports satisfy offering flexible formats & pricing.

Asset Agnostic

Regardless of the type of security, asset, or portfolio that is being valued, Clear Rating is up for the task. Our team has experience with all types of alternative assets including private equity, venture capital, debt, hybrids, options, tokenized assets, blockchain protocols, etc.

Easily Updated

After engaging with Clear Rating once, you can trust that if any updates need to be completed on similar engagements, it will be completed quickly and at a lower rate. For those that need quarterly updates to their portfolios or something similar, subscription style pricing is available.

How would a valuation report look?

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