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Founded in the second quarter of 2019, ClearRating set out with the mission to equip management teams with expert analysisand insightful perspectives, enabling them to justify their value. We strive toprovide investors with superior price discovery mechanisms through our deepinsights into digital assets, and assess ESG performance to recommendimprovements and gauge impacts.

Our tailored approach to valuations and analysis, digital asset ratings, and carbon credit ratings has led to remarkable successes, including a valuation report for Chia Network that resulted in an oversubscribed Series A round. We've also published the pioneering Practitioners Guide to Digital Assets, reinforcing our commitment to industry leadership and education.

Clear Rating operates on a traditional advisoryfee structure, with a strong emphasis on securing repeat clients through asubscription model for our digital security ratings and carbon credit ratings.We believe in the power of synergy - issuers often find greater success whentheir capital raise is supported by a clear valuation and/or rating. Offeringthe ability to evaluate digital assets and environmental impacts, we stand as aone-stop shop for assessing value, risk, and opportunities across the board.

Our Team

The Clear Rating team is an assembly of highly skilled and experienced professionals, consisting of meticulous Analysts, diligent Operations Associates, qualified Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs),and expert Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Every member of our team is deeply committed to our mission of providing clients with clear and accurate asset valuations, digital securities ratings, and ESG analytics.

We believe that each client's situation and goals are unique, and our team is dedicated to understanding these intricacies and providing custom-tailored solutions. We're not just a team of financial professionals, but a collective of people passionately committed to helping our clients succeed.

We invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more about our team and our services. Whether you're a startup seeking a precise valuation, an established company needing digital asset ratings, or an organization looking to understand your environmental impact, our team at Clear Rating is ready to assist.

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