The Official GEMESG Analytics Provider Of The 2021

Clear Rating was chosen by Hart Energy to provide ESG analytics and advisory to submissions for the Energy ESG Top Performers Awards 2021. Using our proprietary formula and standard industry methodology, we were able to effectively judge and select the top-performing companies in the industry who showcased leadership skills, best practices, and achievements.

The Energy ESG Top Performers Awards 2021 Honorees

We had the honor of being the official ESG analytics provider for this years first ever, in-person event. We assisted in reviewing all submissions and the judging process. View all of the honorees and see how and where they performed best.

Energy ESG honorees


How we incorporate ESG risk and opportunity into our valuations

Industry & Business Model

Most ESG risks and opportunities can be identified simply through looking at the business model of the Company or Project. Clear Rating identifies key areas of concern at the high level to better direct our analysis.

Disclosure & Planning

Clear Rating firmly believes that you cannot improve what you do not measure or observe. In that spirit we evaluate the extent to which companies or projects consider key issues and disclose corresponding KPIs.

Performance & Action

After defining key issues and measuring the KPIs, companies must take action minimize risks and maximize opportunities. We assess performance and risk exposure over time relative to internal figures and benchmarks.