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Unlocking Growth with Clear Rating

Your Tailored Guide to Fundraising & Carbon Credit Insights Navigating Your Fundraising Journey with Clear Rating

Embarking on a fundraising journey? Clear Rating ensures your startup sails smoothly through the tumultuous tides of fundraising with targeted valuation tools crafted for each unique stage. Explore how:

Clear Rating Snapshot: Kickstart your journey with a 4–8-page overview designed for pre-seed and seed stages, focusing on qualitative factors, and preparing you for initial fundraising rounds.

Clear Rating In-Depth Report: Advance with an 8–20-page report tailored for Series A startups, providing comprehensive insights into market, industry, and competitive landscapes.

Clear Rating Study: Elevate your Series B/C startup with an in-depth analysis encompassing financial modeling and strategic risk assessments, setting the stage for your next big move.

In essence, as a startup evolves, so does the need for its valuation. Clear Rating's trio of services - the Snapshot, In-Depth Report, and Study - aligns with each growth stage. By collaborating with Clear Rating, startups gain precise valuations, setting them up for fundraising success at every turn.

Why Entrepreneurs Trust Clear Rating

Have confidence in selecting Clear Rating as your partner for valuation services by seeing what one of our previous clients, Molinari Media, has said:

“Our Clear Rating report helped us secure the funding we need to grow our business. The team was very responsive and worked with a tight deadline.”

Carbon Credit Corner

Spotlight on Clean Cookstoves

One in seven Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) projects pivot around clean cookstoves, a lifeline for 30% of the global population. Carbon credits for clean cookstove projects are valued between $7 and $10 a credit, and the best way to instill confidence in your project is with a Clear Rating carbon credit rating report.

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Who leverages our ratings
Project developers of carbon credits, potential investors in environmental asset projects, and buyers of carbon credits.

Does Clear Rating have a relationship with project developers?
Clear Rating remains an independent, third-party evaluator and rater.

Can I see an example of a Clear Rating carbon credit rating?
Yes, on our Resources page you can download the report for GEMS Project 1.

The Clear Rating Process

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